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Closet Cleanout ~ Step 2

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Well…how are things?! Hope your step one went well and you cleared out some stuff! I found a pair of gym shorts that I have owned since grade 10…

That’s 15 years ago folks.

15-year-old pair of shorts….

I feel old.

And sorry about the delay…work and my girlie’s 3rd birthday got in the road!! But I am here now. It’s a new week, perfect time to tackle steps 2 and 3!!

Step 2…

1- Either drag it all out into a huge pile or work your way through the drawers…either way is fine by me!! We are going to start at the bottom and work our way up…

2- Socks…holey or ancient….have got to go!

3- Jeans, pants, skirts….try all of them on. Can do them up?! Then take a GOOD long look in the mirror…and ask for advice. Daughters and husbands are usually brutally honest, give them permission to tell you the truth. And then don’t hold it against them.

And if you can’t do them up/get them past your knees…let them go. We have all changed our shape over the years…having babies or drinking way too much cream in our coffees…but that’s life. And if we hold onto things that just make us depressed or annoyed every time we have to move them out-of-the-way in the dresser or closet to actually get to things that fit, what’s the point? And I know we will be losing the weight eventually, but then that’s the fun part…we get to go shopping for our new figure instead of having to wear clothes that are SO LAST YEAR…

4- Bras…

This is generally a problem no matter who you are. What do they say…3/4 women are wearing the wrong sized bra?! Please, throw out/donate the old nursing bras, sports bras or others that are over two years old. And then waltz out and buy new ones!!! Our “girls” are doing the best they can and so we need to help them out as much as we can. Get to your favorite bra store, get fitted and go crazy! I’ll go over what would be the best items to have for your basic wardrobe later…

5- Shirts, dresses and sweaters…same as the pants. Try on and ask for advice…Any bunching, gaping or just plain uncomfortable…get rid of it. No need to keep clothes that we can’t stand to wear!

6- anything else left over?! I have a TON of home clothes that I keep holding on too…on the farm I pretty much live in stained/holey tees and jeans, because I never know when I have to scale a fence or help wrestle a calf to the barn…so nice clothes are pretty much ridiculous to wear day-to-day. That said…I keep WAY to many tees and jeans that fill my drawers and take up space. So this is my area to work on…I’m going to keep 4 tees and 3 jeans…this will cut down on A LOT of laundry!!!

7- when tossing, don’t play favorites….yes that coat may have cost a lot. But you’ve worn it once in 5 years. It’s ok to donate. Or in my case…the 15-year-old gym shorts. I have fabulous memories of high school basketball…but I need to move on. And those shorts HAVE TO GO!!! Or gorgeous items that just don’t look good on you….give them to a friend that you know will love and wear it often…or do you think it’s tailorable? If there is a shirt that is almost cute if it had short sleeves…give it to your favorite, most talented person you know that owns a sewing machine and go for it. If it doesn’t work, then you haven’t lost anything…just add it to the donation bin!

And done! Well…for now.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!


6 thoughts on “Closet Cleanout ~ Step 2

  1. Thanks for the motivation! Since I’m stuck at home today I’m looking for things to do and this is a good one! I have a bin of socks with no mates, I swear my dryer eats them or they run under the bed to hide. Either way it’s time to start fresh!

  2. Oh, I have been procrastinating on this! Thanks for the push to get me going and finally get the job done. It’s the perfect rainy day here to set it in motion (actually, it’s ALWAYS the perfect rainy day here…)

    Have a good one!

  3. Ahhh – Step #6 – I know I have to follow you on this one but…I am the kind of person that buys T-shirts as mementos…I work out but not so much that I need 37 t-shirts! It is just so hard to let them go! Some of them have been with me as long as your gym shorts!!!! Step #4 has also been on my list of things to do too! Thanks for the kick in the butt!! I vow to get this done by the end of the week!!!

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