Closet Cleanout….step 1

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Are ya ready?!

-first…let’s pick a time when we can actually focus on what we are doing. Nap time or after kids are in bed is great. Depending on your closet I’ll give it about an hour to accomplish step 1…we are going to do this in baby steps…or if you are an all in one type a gal, you can wait till I’m done all my posts, line them up and tackle this project all at once.

Since my me time is short and sweet, I’m going to have to do this slowly, ok?!?!

1- take everything out of your half of the closet and empty your dresser drawers. Dump it all in one huge pile somewhere (except the pressed stuff…feel free to place this neatly beside the gigantic pile!)

2- gawk at the gigantic mass of stuff you didn’t even know you owned

3- attack the pile, go through and make two piles

             – like it

              – don’t like it

                           – don’t bother to try anything on at this point. we are at the basics…either you like it, or you don’t. feel free to be ruthless, cold and cut-throat. you won’t hurt the feelings of that sweater that you loved the color of, but hate the sleeve length. it will get on with its life and so should you.

4- that’s it. bag up the stuff you don’t like and as soon as possible take it to the nearest salvation army/donation bin/woman’s shelter….don’t give ANYTHING in there a 2nd thought.

5- put everything back in your closet…your darling other will appreciate that and you will be shocked at how much more space you have to put your new stuff in once we go shopping!!!!

Hope you have fun and can’t wait to hear what you unearthed!!



4 responses to “Closet Cleanout….step 1”

  1. I am so excited to do this closet project with you! I too have way too many un-needed clothing items from way too long ago! Cheers to going shopping when it’s done! LOL

    (also something I found neat – I bought the same drawer pulls from Anthro last weekend too!!) 🙂 Great minds think alike!

    1. You are right…we must be awesome, those pulls are fab! And can’t wait to get this closet cleanout underway!!

  2. Can’t wait to get going on this! Love your approach, as I usually waste time trying stuff on. Great tip!

    1. Totally agree…this makes the trying on part way faster and easier!!

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