New Year = New Closet!

So…2011 is well underway…can you believe it’s more than halfway through January already?!

*image from here*

And I have a plan…

I thought it would be fun if we all went through and purged our closets together. You know you want too…just can never find the time or the energy. Well, let’s do it together…I’ll help you and we can have fun while doing it?! Are you in?!?!

Don’t be shy now…I know there are items floating out there in your closets that you haven’t worn in at least 3 years…or things still from high school (?!?) or the dreaded items that still have the tags on!!! Let go of the guilt (so what if you didn’t wear it…your bank account has moved on…so should you!) and the dreams…yes, I too would like to be able to fit into my high school jeans. But it’s not going to happen. But I’m 31…and I need to let go of that dream…. (sob)

But maybe…if we all join together and fight our closets and it’s demons together….it won’t be so scary…and kinda fun!

I want this to be a participation thingy…so leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know if you are in….or out!

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


10 responses to “New Year = New Closet!”

  1. I think there would be some gems that should be photographed out there…. I’d LOVE to show off what I once looked good in, but it would be more fun to see what people once spent money on 🙂

    1. LOL…totally agree. But I won’t make people do that…unless they want too?!?

  2. Hi,

    I definitely want in! I have been nagging at the hubby about getting some sort of closet organizer system. I’m thinking the Rubbermaid collection.
    This time of year makes me “nest” big time. I want to be organized, but need a little help in the motivation department!
    This is great, count me in!

  3. Love how light and bright that closet is!

    1. Isn’t it?! And are you in on our little closet fun plan?!

  4. I’m in! And excited to get going too!! A little tip: I find it easier to do if I have a list of what I will need to replace the “outs” with :). Happy purging and don’t forget that there are many great charities that can reuse your gently used clothing.
    Have a great day!

    1. Yay! And you’re so right about donating!!!

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