Art on the wall….

*image from Solid Frog*

Another edition of art on the wall as inspired by Zesty Nest…..

Hope you are all warm and having a great start to the week….I was snowed in over the weekend, had to stay in a hotel overnight between shifts at the hospital. I hope I can get out and take some pictures of the drifts around here soon. Our neighbours road has some that are at least 8 feet high!! We’ve been plowing people out all over the place and still haven’t caught up. At least the wind has died down now…I’m heading back into the city for a night shift tonight…hopefully I’m home in the morning as my baby girl is starting her first day of preschool! Ack!!


2 responses to “Art on the wall….”

  1. That’s a lot of pictures to hang! I have trouble just getting a few to line up straight! Love the leather chairs. Hope you get to work and home safely!

    1. LOL I’m the same way…and thanks! Roads should be fine, I hope!!

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