Mad for plaid….

Ok, ok….probably the worst “title” for a post ever…if not the most overused. But hey….it worked!
I am lovin’ this coat today!! Probably because there is snow in the forcast and I can almost smell it….
Yummy coat!!
Hope you are all keeping warm this weekend!!

Yummy coat!! by FarmersTrophyWife featuring a mod jacket

8 responses to “Mad for plaid….”

  1. Gorgeous Coat! I was just searching for a plaid coat, think I found the one I love. Thanks,
    love you website, great stuff 🙂

    1. That’s great!! Feel free to send me pictures if you order it!!

  2. I love plaid. This coat is great.

  3. Great find!

  4. It’s all about coats, shoes, handbags and accesories for me! Love the coat!

    1. Me too!! The jeans and shirts…boring…but “jazz” it up with a great coat?! Done!!

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