I love you Ralph.

*This post is one I wrote way back in January 2010…just thought for fun, I’d repost!!*

I was reading Rachel Zoe’s book (Style A to Zoe) the other day…ok…rereading for the 5th time…(I like her!) and in it she suggested a neat idea. When it comes to fashion and that “never having anything to wear” problem, a great place to start organizing your wardrobe is to find “your style”, and one way to do that is to start an inspiration book or poster. Miss Zoe suggests to “Collect images of your favourite icons from fashion, film, and history….collect images of favourite looks, accessories, interiors, even stuff you might like just because of the color, shape or idea of it. Tear pages out of magazines, copy them out of books. Do whatever it takes to build up an inspiration file.”

I LOVE this idea…or rather I should say I LIVE this idea. My husband is forever frustrated finding the pages that I have ripped out everywhere in the house, and good luck to anyone attempting to read a magazine after I’m done with it. I’ve been collecting pages and images of everything and anything that strikes my fancy for years; and I’ve got files for the living room, kitchen, projects, Christmas…AND I have a scribbler book jammed with images of fashion…from outfits on celebs…to ads…to magazine suggestions of accessories. This little book is fabulous…whenever I need inspiration in a “what to wear” moment, I crack it open and a hundred little suggestions are there. The house and home files are fantastic too…I painted my living room a gorgeous navy blue after a Martha Stewart page and am building a cross collection inspired by a south-western styled house in a magazine spread.

It can help when you have a little “mad money” that you want to spend…flip through your file…is there one accessory that is repeated? A coat style that shows up 3 or 4 times? It can give you focus for your shopping trip and make it more fun when you go to get dressed…you can actually copy a look and of course then add your own twist..

My style or what I want to be my style is reflected in Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label over and over again…I LOVE the mix of rough and girly…


Ralph is BRILLIANT…I am a little bit in love with him…don`t tell my husband.

2 responses to “I love you Ralph.”

  1. OMG. I promise I had no idea you blogged Ralph today too! Obviously, great minds think alike 🙂

    1. You’re too funny…I think everyone should love Ralph…so I loved your blog!!! No worries girlie!

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