Mirror envy…

Hello all!! Hope your holidaying is going great and that you are stuffing yourself with fabulous food, drinking lots of “cheer” with family and friends….and are looking forward to New Year’s!! I am back to working nights for a few days…so posts might be sporadic until after New Years….



*image from House of Turquoise*

6 responses to “Mirror envy…”

  1. I love this mirror! You always post such fabulous things!

    1. Thanks! I just post what I love…because I figure everyone else will too!

  2. Oh that blue wall is giving me idea$$$$$
    Thanks! [from me and Mr. Salmon :)]

    1. Can’t wait to see the finished project! (sorry Mr. Salmon!)

  3. I love how this mirror opens up the space! I love mirrors. One day they will be all over my very own house.

    1. I agree…and hope your trip to Canada is fabulous!!

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