I’m outta here tomorrow, and my bags are not yet packed and my laundry even close to being done…oh well!

That said, this post will be short and sweet…but you can find me over on Little Prairie Baby! I was invited over there for coffee and well….just check it out!! I’m also posting on Sheplers Western Wear’s blog this weekend!! Check me out there for updates on my Vegas trip!! Although I will be taking tons of pictures and sharing a lot with you all here when I get back!!

Can’t wait!!



4 responses to “Okay…”

  1. Just popped over from Lil’ Prairie Baby & I hope you are enjoying your trip!!!

    1. Hello and welcome!! Thanks for visiting and I had a great time…thanks!!

  2. Hi! Found you through Little Prairie Baby. You are one stylin’ lady! I hope you have a good sized budget for shopping in Vegas,and have a safe trip!

    1. Hello and thanks for visiting!! I plan to spend some $$$…just don’t tell my husband! 😉

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