Some random thoughts…

Just thought I’d throw some old pictures of my life out there for you all….

This is my boy on his 1st birthday…

This is my girlie….she poses for a camera no matter who is taking the picture or why…can’t wait to see her pictures with Santa!

This is our boy with one of our dogs…ignore the dirty window.

And this is T.R.O.U.B.L.E…my girlie and her cousin…they are 3 months apart. I’m scared for their teenage years….

5 responses to “Some random thoughts…”

  1. I have a cousin who is 6 months younger than me and we WERE trouble in our teenage years! Our dads are identical twins and we looked just alike! We used to switch name tags at camp and confuse everyone!

    1. LOL…ack!! Don’t tell me these things!! I’m just pretending the teenage years will be sweet and easy…don’t wreak that for me?!?

  2. Great pics 🙂 love them.

  3. So Cute…they put a smile on my face this rainy morning!

    1. Awww…thanks! Hope the sun shines soon!

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