All that glitters….

More gold inspired fabulousness!!!

This time a gold and cranberry combo!!!

gold and cranberry


cran gold


cranberry-gold christmas


cranberry gold dresses




cran gold


9 responses to “All that glitters….”

    1. Thanks!! How’s your decorating going?!

  1. Great stuff. I love Christmas so much, and so many reasons to get dressed up! Keep the awesome stuff coming.

  2. Oh I WANT those Sheplers Durango boots! I have some Fryes that are similar, but those are WAY better. Shhh don’t tell Fryes!

    1. Really?! Go for it…I’m sure Santa would bring them to you!

  3. Love those red drop earrings!

    1. Me too. Just don’t look at the price tag! Ack!

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