Look what I brought home…found this darling on Craig’s list last week!!!!

image 2043938353-0

And the best part….only $25!! Loving it!!!!!

Hope your weekend is ending well!

4 responses to “Score!”

  1. WOW did you ever SCORE!!! That is one gorgeous chair…I love it! What a deal for $25 and it looks like it is in really good shape!!! Where is it going?

    1. It is in good shape…a little worn/loved but with my two kids…that was going to happen anyways! I put it in my kitchen for now (weird I know!) in front of an old coal stove we have that isn’t working, but looks good! I’ll try to remember to take pictures this week and post!

  2. Wicked!! I can’t wait to see your home in person one day Cathryn!!

    1. We should plan a coffee date sooner rather than later girlie!!!

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