Winter wonderland….

Well, it’s official….winter is here.
How do I know this for sure?!
I couldn’t see the end of our laneway this a.m. and had to call work to tell them I wasn’t coming in today…on my second day back.
I feel terrible!!!
But, not so terrible that I’d risk hitting the ditch and hurting my car. Or worse.
So, here I am, snuggled in my house and watching MORE snow hit the ground.
Oh, well!
And I had a request from a Facebook reader for some fabulous winter boots, that would not only keep our feet from freezing in -30, but also look half-decent so we won’t be red-faced when we have to wear them into town.
(which reminds me a time when I found myself in a grocery store with hot pink sorels and orange jogging pants….but I prefer not to remember moments like that, so let’s forget I mentioned it….)
So, for Margaret in Saskatchewan….some great picks!!!
Famer's Trophy Wife winter boot picks


Your frozen farm wife friend!

p.s. I am not promising that if you have to walk 10 miles in these, you won’t lose your toes…but you will look hot doing it! 😉

2 responses to “Winter wonderland….”

  1. Ooooh! Thank you. Just in time… Snows gettin deeper by the minute out here!!

    1. Ditto! Time to put away my hopes and dreams of a warm November!

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