Well, today is my first official full day back at work…bring on the screaming babies (and moms!) I am excited to be back and thought what better way to celebrate than with something bright and cheery!! And according to the editors at Harper’s Bazar, citrus shades are in!

Either as a refreshing breath of air during the winter months or something to add when doing your “resort” packing (we can all dream…)

*image from Pintrest*

*images from Simply Grove*



Farmer's Trophy Wife Citrus...


Citrus Mix and Match
resort or winter

Hope you feel inspired!!

Have a fabulous day!


2 responses to “Citrus…”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, but I have never commented. I feel like we are living parallel lives – I too just came off mat leave, started back at work, got a blackberry and celebrated a first birthday with my daughter. Thanks so much for your post today, love the yellow on this very white day.

    1. Scary! 😉 It’s great to hear from you…keep me updated!! And congrats….on work (mini vacation!), the blackberry (!!) and your girlie!! Thanks for reading and you’re welcome for the sunny post….darn snow!

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