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My newest addiction…

Ok, so it’s not a problem yet…but I know myself pretty well and I have put off getting one of these devices because I am fairly confident I will have a problem.
I got a Blackberry yesterday.

It’s PINK!!

It’s unfortunate but enlightening to know enough about myself, to know that I will be tempted to check my emails and twitter while at red lights. Note that I say tempted….momma didn’t raise no fool, especially with two precious babies in the back seat…but the temptation will be there no less and that will be a constant thorn in my side. On a positive note…I can tweet/Facebook interesting things as SOON as they happen (safely!).

Like the number of vehicles I saw in the ditch on the way to get groceries today (city drivers…) and that in the mail was a wonderful letter from the folks at Shepler’s Western Wear! They sent me a sweet gift certificate to spend on you lovely people!!! I plan to find them during my NFR trip and buy something fabulous and then have a giveaway!!! That’s something worth tweeting at a red light…isn’t it?!


Anyways….sonething to look forward to and if any of you blackberry people have any tips or advice….PLEASE tell me. I need all the help I can get!!


6 thoughts on “My newest addiction…

  1. Congrats on your new pink toy! But I agree – don’t use it while you’re driving – PLEASE! I know how tempting it is – I’ve ended up putting mine in a little compartment that is out of sight, so I’m not tempted, but I can still get it if I need it (for an emergency of course 🙂

  2. WOOHOO!! I’m pumped that you have Sheplers as a new partner!! I look forward to hearing what you find at the NFR from them and the other displays!! ENJOY your new Blackberry. I’m absolutely addicted to my Smart Phone AND am also practicing NOT to use it while driving 😉

    1. Good girl…I do talk while driving…naughty I know. But there isn’t usually anyone on my roads other than deer. So, I suppose I SHOULD be paying attention…. I am totally looking forward to NFR….and plan to take LOTS of pictures and do some blogging while I am there!!

  3. My guess is that you will love it! My phone isn’t of the blackberry variety, but it starts with “i” and ends with “phone.” I thought I didn’t need it, but now I am rather connected to it. I like being able to snap decent pictures out in the barn quickly without worrying about hauling around my actual camera. Plus, it’s always nice to check my email/blog/FB/what-have-you when I am in between things during calf chores or random tasks.

    Your “red light” reference reminds me of this quote: “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.” I know you’ll be a good mom driver and resist the temptation to play on your phone at red lights 🙂 Enjoy!

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