Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Pink

I just want to say thanks to all you darling people for the birthday wishes last week! I had a great day and even got to go out to a movie!! Craziness since we weren’t done field work yet…but as of yesterday…at 5p.m. we are done!!! The tractors are done for the year!! And now on to bale hauling, stacking and cattle feeding. It really never does end, but that’s the life we love! My husband is trying to get a lot done so that he can spend some time hunting and I hope it he can! For someone who takes a day off maybe once a month, he deserves some time doing something he loves.

And here is another fall look…trying to stretch this “fall” thing out as long as I can…’cause I can almost hear that -30 wind whistling…


EASY RIDERS photo | Carey Hart, Pink

Pink_look of the week


*p.s. JUST realized that I forgot to add the scarf to the look. Opps! Here is it!*

*scarf available at Smith & Western*

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