My Thoughts

‘Cause it’s my birthday…

I thought I’d share some things I LOVE…

(some may be repeats…but they are fabulous enough to see twice!)


*image from design*sponge*


*image source unknown*

*images from House of Turquoise*


*image from Country Living*



*images by Shelli Breidenbach*

*jackets from Anthropologie*

*Frye Jane Boots*

*Ralph Lauren*


The Winter Trapper

*Trapper bag by Rebecca Ray*



6 thoughts on “‘Cause it’s my birthday…

  1. Oh would love to curl up in that Raiph Lauren bed!
    I’m loving the colour turquoise…have been putting little bits of it all over my house!
    The horse pics are beautiful!

    …and Happy Birthday to You!

  2. Great stuff. LOVE the first horse picture, and I remember seeing the spring stools on here before. One of my favorites. Hope you have an excellent day.

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