Fall decorations…

These are a few photos of our fall decor around our house…


We’ve got sick little kiddies around here, so I’m sorry this is short but sweet…have a great weekend!


11 responses to “Fall decorations…”

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  2. Love it-and Fall’s color’s are so cozy, eh? Really hope your kids feel better soon. I’m sure your heart just aches for them!

    1. I agree, fall is my favorite time of year….the colors, leaves, smell. Love everything about it! And the kids are better…long naps are helping them and mommy!

  3. Hope the kid’s get better soon!

    1. Thanks….they are already getting back to normal. They don’t stay sick for long around here!

  4. Very pretty! I wish I was organized/ creative enough to decorate for every season…

    1. I’ve always been a sucker for decorating, and now I have a little girlie who LOVES it! More fun and incentive for me to do it…

  5. love these! i love fall decorating (although this year i didn’t get to it). i hope your kids feel better soon as well.

    1. Thanks! And don’t worry, Christmas decorating is just around the corner!! The kids will live…just colds…

  6. Love what you’ve done Cathryn! Hope your kiddies get feeling better VERY soon 😉

    1. You and me both! Just colds, but still not fun. Hope you are fabulous…you are entering the best part of pregnancy, not sick anymore (hopefully!) and not too big that you are uncomfortable! Enjoy every minute, it is SO FAST…my baby will be a year in a week. Yikes!

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