Another favorite…

This image is one that I tore out of a Country Living magazine eons ago and I simply adore everything about it. I plan to recreate it (somewhat) for Hudson’s room. Does anyone know where I could find an Indian Chief pillow like that?!

*Image from Country Living*


9 responses to “Another favorite…”

  1. I’ll be on the lookout for that pillow! It is SOOO amazing 😉

    1. Thanks Robyn…the more eyes out there looking, the better!

  2. I think I have some pillow panel fabric thats really similar to the chiefy in the photo, I’ll have to dig for it in my fabric bins…

  3. No problem! It’s a pretty slow day at work (I manage a grain elevator and harvest is pretty much over here!) so I’m playing around on the internet for a bit! 🙂 Hope harvest is going well for you, loved your pics!

    1. Thanks Kody! Etsy is a great idea for looking…you’re such a sweetie to go hunting for me!

    1. I adore this room/bed. I love the styling…someone has amazing taste!!

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