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Fall trend #2…

Editors from various sources have predicted several different trends for this fall season, I’ve already highlighted my version of leopard print, so next up is…

Rich Tones, those deep saturated shades that make your heart happy.


p.s. thanks for all the great comments/advice re. my last post, I needed that kick in the pants. And you are all right…keep true to myself and have fun, because that’s why I started this adventure in the first place!! Love you all!

6 thoughts on “Fall trend #2…

    1. LOL…don’t we all?! My everyday outfit is “home clothes”….the holey, ratty ones that survive the kids and various outdoor life stuff. We can all dream though….and carefully plan our “town” outfits, even if it’s just to go get groceries!

  1. That water-proof carhartt jacket is on my christmas list!!! LOVE IT… except Marks Work Wearhouse never has a small in stock… grrr- they fit big!

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