Short hair styles…

I am posting some fabulous short styles in honor of my friend Wendy. This past week she bit the bullet and cut off her hair. Not a lot of women are brave enough to do this….most stick to the same hair length going up or down a few inches over the years. Not my Wendy. She cut off about 8 inches worth and looks GORGEOUS!!! (I would love to post some pics, but I think she would murder me…) And because Wendy is so brave, I’ve booked my appointment and later this week will be giving my hairdresser free rein to do what ever she wants. Wish me luck! And Wendy, I’m proud of you! 🙂

*image from*

*image from HairStyles*

*image from Smarter*

*image from Black Hair Styles*

*image from Beautiful Hair Styles*

*Image from Hair Styles and Pictures*


This one is my favorite….

*image from Frances Cadielo*

And Heidi….I know you’re reading this…I think you should do something like this.

Just sayin’. 😉

Sold Out - Vintage Inspired Cocktail Headband with Veil

*Image from Pinup Girl Clothing*


6 responses to “Short hair styles…”

  1. This Heidi? If so that is very similar to what I had in mind for a fall ‘do – didn’t go as far as the outfit but Kurt might like that.

    1. Yes, you…and of course Kurt will want you to get that dress. 😉

  2. SO exciting! Be sure to post a before/after pic of your new do!!

    1. I will! It was booked for today, but my darling babysitter/Mom in Law is sick today, so hopefully next week!

  3. haha! thanks cathryn! i am loving my new short hair (although i had forgotten all about bed head). thanks for the push :o)

    1. 🙂 You’re welcome and you look fabulous!

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