Look of the Week ~ Miranda Lambert ~fall

I thought I’d throw another look of the week out there for you all to enjoy! 🙂

12 responses to “Look of the Week ~ Miranda Lambert ~fall”

  1. Love, love, love this look!

  2. This is my favorite yet! I love Miranda anyways … but what an awesome look!

  3. LOVE this look 🙂

  4. Carrie Butterwick Avatar
    Carrie Butterwick

    You are going to cost me alot of money this fall with all these looks I think!!!! Love them all so far!

  5. This is a great look! I love all of it:) Sadly, the only thing I could purchase would be the jeans, earrings and t-shirt 🙂 I’ll just modify the rest. Have a great day!

    1. Same here….these are just suggestions, so that when you are out shopping and see a fabulous shearling coat for 60% off this spring, think of her and snag it!

  6. I heart Miranda Lambert! I love those boots you picked out!!

    1. Isn’t she great! I am picky about music…like songs, not artists…but her, I love!

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