Makin’ Jelly…

I mentioned this on facebook a little while back…a bunch of us farm wives got together, drank coffee (see all the Starbucks cups?!), laughed (A LOT!!) and made some red pepper jelly. It was so much fun that we’ve since gotten together again and made cookies (for harvest and Christmas). Here are a few pics from the jelly making and the link for the yummy recipe!!

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Makin’ Jelly…

  1. Three friends from Medicine Hat started getting together and cooking “en masse” for their families. Eventually they wrote a cook book. I’ve been wanting to try one for the last couple of years but have never had the nerve to do it! Am still hoping to do one this fall…

      1. It’s called “The Big Cook” by Siemens, Thomas and Smith. Each recipe lists the quantities needed for 1, 4, 6 and 8 meals. They also give some great advice for how to go about doing the big cook. If you do a big cook, I’ll look forward to hearing about it! I did a first attempt at cabbage rolls this morning. Thankfully my Ukranian aunt came over to assist. I used some of mom’s big garden cabbages – yesterday was spent gathering the last of the garden things before the big freeze last night. Nice to see the sun this morning and hoping for better weather so harvest can continue!

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