Ranch rodeo…

A few weeks ago my husband and some friends competed in a Ranch Rodeo. This is a rodeo where the events mimic real life ranch chores…doctoring calves, loading calves in trailers, sorting them, and milking them….and so on and so forth.

Their team had a fantastic time and ended up winning third…not bad for their first time! My husband also took third in the mugging contest…which is the first picture, his job was to hold the cow still while the other cowboy milked it, took off the rope and then ran with both to the finish line.

We love our western lifestyle and raising our kids this way is a dream come true. And it looks like they love it too!

*all photos by Chaps 'n' Spurs Photography (heslop.elisabeth@gmail.com)*


2 responses to “Ranch rodeo…”

  1. Love the photos! Yep, a great way to raise the kiddos:)

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