I want to write a book. I’ve always wanted to write a book. There is just this image of me typing madly away in a coffee shop somewhere or sitting a big leather chair in front of a fire, proofreading.

The reality of this is that I’m here frantically typing while my kids are upstairs napping and my husband is out fixing equipment…these are the precious moments that I have to myself and I use them up doing this…..and I love every second of it.

What prompted me to actually sit down and start writing was the fact that I said it out loud one day to my husband.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book.”

And his reply was so….him.

“Why don’t you?” (Him in the way that it was to the point and as always 100% supportive no matter how crazy it seems.)

“I don’t know what I’d write about.”

“How about “Farm wives – the new generation.”

Hmmmmmmm…….that struck a chord. I mean it’s not an award-winning title or concept (not yet anyways!!)…but the idea behind it really resonated. I am a farmer’s wife….I am the new generation of this type of wife…and I’m not like the “typical” farm wife stereotype. And no matter what “type” of farm wife, our common bond is that we are all there supporting our families as they put the world’s food on the table. It’s not an easy life by any stretch of the imagination nor is it the poetic, idyllic life that the movies/TV tends to portray. It’s a way of life that is both stressful and rewarding at the same time. Living on a farm gives us numerous opportunities to enjoy our growing family and the gorgeous world around us. Taking a deep breath after a summer rain and being able to taste the air….watching your kids faces as they witness a calf being born….eating carrots right out of the garden (they taste better with the dirt on!) or watching your husband, sweaty and dirt-stained from the day, take your daughter’s tiny hand as they walk across the yard together.

These little moments are why we love what we do and are why we, generation after generation, we continue to do it.

And that is what I want to share with the world…

Oh, and this…


17 responses to “Sharing…”

  1. Love it Cathryn! Go get ’em!!!

  2. You should 100% go for it! Your vivacious writing style hooks everyone in and truly does give ranching a “face.”

    Love it!

  3. okay there are tears in my eyes, while we juggle our farm/ cattle stuff with jobs in town it is really important to us to bring our little boy up on the farm – the same as my husband and I, and our parents, and grandparents. It is an amazing lifestyle. Thank you for being the voice of our generation 🙂

    1. Awww. I’m glad you get to do that too…it’s hard but will mean so much when they can look back or when we get to see how it shapes them. Keep on living the life, it’s so worth it!

  4. What a great post Cathryn! I would also love to write a book one day…I like how your ah-ha moment was so ordinary and yet such a great idea. Very inspiring! Keep writing b/c I really enjoy reading your blog!


    1. Thanks Alexis…those moments, like the bunny, bring back memories of my childhood and it is a dream come true that we are doing it for our kids. I’ll keep writing, and maybe someday….

  5. “These little moments are why we love what we do and are why we, generation after generation, we continue to do it.”

    Very well said! 🙂 I love these little moments and they actually do help to make our lives seem a little more idyllic when we reflect on the lives we lead. (athough they might not seem like it at the time!)

    1. Thanks! I tend to say this in my head when I’m out helping defrost pipes in -30 or vacumning canola seeds that are tracked in or hosing off my daughter for the 3rd time that day…. 🙂

  6. I’d definitely be interested in reading this book!

  7. The second I read the column on your blog in the paper, it struck a chord with me too. Even though we live in the city now, our ever-closer plan for retirement is to buy a decent sized ranch. Probably not a great monetary investment, but we both feel strongly that someone has to take over these large acreages without the desire to develop them. Most think we are crazy for even considering this adventure. Your blog offers me a glimpse of what this “retirement” will look like and how it IS possible to live that life with style. It has also shown that you can be totally solitary; yet, stay connected. I am so impressed with the ag community and it’s internet prowess. Thank you! Now please write the book : )

    1. Wow, what a great plan! Farming is a lifestyle not just a job and these little things keep us going. You’ll love it!

  8. Thanks for the support…now to actually find the time to write it…

  9. I think that is so great that you are writing a book! I love the topic, one of my favorite books I have read is called “A Voice of Her Own”, it is a compilation of ranch women stories of different generations all from western Canada.

  10. Love the idea! Farming and Ranching is so foreign to most folks and with your book you could truly show the in’s and out’s of the occupation and what the wife, along with the, Farmers and Ranchers do to provide a safe and wholesome product to consumers.

    Can’t wait to read it! 🙂
    Have a Fab day!

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