Harvest meals…

*harvest 2009*

As I stand here in my kitchen blogging (don’t ask…) I am snacking (gorging) on eatmore bars. These things are not only delicious…but super easy to make! My husband loves them in his lunch…and now that the swathers are rolling, making lunches is a daily occurence. And once the combines get going I pack anywhere from 1 to 4 lunches on any given day….and sometimes I get 15 minutes notice. Fun!

Anyways….these eatmore bars are heaven, easy and freeze well. A fantastic solution for the lunch dilemma. I got the recipe from my old trusty 4-H cookbook circa. 1997…do they make these anymore and where do I find one if they do?!

Eatmore Bars

2 cups Chocolate chips

1 cup Corn syrup

1 cup Rolled oats

2 cups Crushed peanuts (I have used almonds, walnuts..etc.)

1/2 cup Peanut butter

Melt choc. chips and corn syrup in a large pot on low heat. Take off heat, add rolled oats, peanuts and peanut butter. Spread on greased cookie sheet and let cool. Cut into squares and refrigerate. (I just put the pan right into the fridge and cut up later…and rip a few pieces off here and there as I walk by the fridge.)

Enjoy! And if you have any fantastic harvest tricks or recipes, please share!


12 responses to “Harvest meals…”

  1. Glad to find your site. Gotta make some of the eat-more bars. I’m a farm wife in the middle of a wheat field and I do harvests. My favorite is Fall harvest. We have these 20oz. insulated to-go cups. I put a cooked veg in the bottom. Layer on some mashed potatoes. Then another layer of cut up roast and gravy, pop on the lid. Then, when I get to the combine, they get a to-go full of their favorite beverage–ice tea, coffee, or water and the one full of food with a brownie in a zip-loc. I go from field to field, wherever they are. Along with the two cups, I also give them a wrapped long handled iced tea spoon to eat with. They all have stern warning to leave the mess in the sink in the scale house. I retrieve it all the next day. If someone doesn’t leave the spoon, they’ll get a plastic one next. Bless their hearts, I’ve not lost a spoon in over twenty years. I also serve chili and a piece of cornbread, stew and a biscuit–you get the idea. But what I need is some walkin-June-JUly 110 degree summer ideas. We’ve gotten too big to all come to the scale house for supper when we’re in the far off fields. I need ideas!!!! for colder food but easily eaten.

  2. Any good easy meals to make for farmers to eat in the field. Non sandwich ideas preferred

  3. Made these last week. They are great!! The kids absolutely loved them. Great for school lunches. Thanks for the recipe

    1. I’m glad they loved them…I have a problem when I make these, I pretty much eat the entire tray. Not good! 🙂

  4. Hey you, I love that 4-H cook book too, it’s a gem! Is this the 75th anniversery edition we are talking about? If it is, I can hook you up with a copy. Mom says she has 2 spare ones, she just has to find it! 😀

    1. Ya, that’s the one….I have a copy, I was just curious if there are any since then. Or was it a one time deal? And thanks anyways…if your mom is willing to give up a copy, maybe I’ll do a “giveaway”… 🙂 Love ya!

  5. Mmmmm, harvest lunches! Food always tastes better when it’s eaten on your lap in a field. Bringing my dad & grandpa lunch and supper are some of my favourite summertime memories as a kid!

    1. Ditto! We tend to make the guys come in for supper now….I can’t organized myself enough to pack all the food, utensils, plates, napkins and so on…AND two babies. Once my littlest is 2ish we’ll probably start that up again. Or not. I LOVE the family together around the table and I think they like it too…a little break in the day.

      1. I keep a small rubbermaid full of paper plates, paper cups, plastic utensils, serving spoons, salt, pepper and napkins by the door during harvest – makes it easier to get out the door although it is never easy to get out with little ones! I prefer to be out in the field because then my mom takes care of everything!!! Actually I think of harvest as a bit of a holiday. Days spent out on the combine are much easier than days spent in the house with three little ones under five. Every harvest season my sister and I have a lasagna bee – having frozen lasagnas in the freezer during harvest is like money in the bank to me! Happy harvesting. BTW the eatmore bars sound great, might just try them.

      2. Great tips, thanks! And you’re lucky…I’m not to be trusted with large, expensive equipment so running the combine is out for me. Darn it! 🙂 And the lasagna bee is a fab idea…might have to work on that!

  6. Looks like these would be delicious and packed full of protein:) Perfect for a bag lunch. Have a great weekend!

    1. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself as I eat the whole lot… 🙂 Hope your weekend is fabulous too!

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