Making plans…

My baby’s name is Hudson and when I think of his name, I think of cozy wood stoves, thick plaid jackets and a warm cabin by a lake. Mostly likely this is because of the popular Canadian association of the Hudson Bay Company. And this cozy, cabin theme keeps coming back to me as I plan his big boy room in my head…. 

I attempted to make what interior designers call a mood board to show my theme/what on earth I am talking about….this is much harder than it looks! But here is my best shot….  

Hudson's Room - Mood Board

This is the headboard that I think I might attempt to make for my boy’s room. Granted, he’s only 10 months old and won’t be moving for probably another year or so…but it doesn’t hurt to think/plan ahead! 


I want to paint the walls a green…NOT John Deere green, though, thank you very much! (My husband would LOVE that!) I was thinking something along this line… 



And I have a dresser similar to this one (minus the numbers)…I picked it up for $1 at an auction. All it needs are handles/pulls. Any suggestions?  



Of course, a Hudson’s Bay Company blanket…. 


What else would work? I was thinking of using some Native American postcards as art…how, I’m not too sure. Would it be too much to add snowshoes on a wall? I like the cabin theme, but don’t want it to be overkill. 



P.S. Last day to enter my giveway!! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning…goodluck!

6 responses to “Making plans…”

  1. For the handles I would use old outdoor hose/taps.

  2. I really love that dark wood headboard! Awesome.

    1. I know….let’s hope the one I plan to make looks half as good! p.s. if you click on the photo, it takes you to the site where she is going to put on a tutorial on how to make it!

  3. Absolutely love your theme. My son’s room is the exact green of the top right corner on your green pallet. It is warm and cozy.

    1. ooooh…good to know! That’s what I’m going for…thanks!

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