A giveaway?!

I thought that in honor of the last day of summer and

to celebrate the upcoming harvest season, I’d have a giveaway!

How does that sound?!

And up for grabs is a super-cute luggage tag from Rebecca Ray Designs! (Perfect for those winter trips you are all planning!)

The tag I picked is below….

Luggage tags


I would love to up everyone’s odds of winning, so there are a few ways to enter…

1)Leave a comment….tell me the best thing you did/saw this summer.

2) Subscribe to my blog and leave another comment saying so.

3) Follow me on twitter and leave a comment saying so.

Contest will be open for a week!

Good luck and thanks for entering!!


*this is not in any direction a paid ad…Rebecca Ray Designs has no idea who I am…I just love their stuff. 🙂

30 responses to “A giveaway?!”

  1. I love you on Twitter and so appreciate all the RTs. The best thing I did this summer was two road trips to see family and friends – I even learned how to make peach jam and refrigerator pickles!

  2. Love the Blog! The best thing I did this summer was see my family for the first time in 3 years…yay!

  3. And you know I am addicted to Twitter like you!

  4. I also follow your blog.

  5. Ahaha, look at that Hereford heifer! I don’t think you could have chosen a better luggage tag and I think I just found a Christmas present idea. Best thing I did this summer – going to Stillwater, OK, hanging out with my awesome girlfriends, listening to red dirt country music, and stealing the heart of a boy! Couldn’t have had a better start.

  6. I am going for 10 days in a couple of weeks, down through the States, Vancouver Island and to visit my daughter on the mainland. It will be quick but most enjoyable! My summer so far was great and quick, saw my granddaughter barrel race at a few rodeos and a few day trips.

  7. Hi there, Catherine,
    My “thing” I did this summer was going out to Regina to help our “80” year old Aunt get ready to move…and when we arrived, there was so little for us to do, as she had done it all! She puts my sister and I to shame…she is so “with it” and does 4 volunteer jobs…WoW! She organizes all the volunteers at Government House for the teas they put on every month and was on the phone a lot of the time we were there! She took us sight-seeing and kept us very busy! Having fun, and not doing the “work” we thought we were going out there to do!
    I, totally, hope that I can be like her when I am 80…IF I live that long! lol!!
    Hope your summer has been a great one!

  8. I am a follower of your great blog!

  9. Went to Denver to attend the NJAS. During my time there, I went wedding dress shopping and found my wedding dress!

  10. Started off my summer with an Iron Maiden concert with my son! Definately NOT a highlight for me! ( it sure was for him though) Spent a week camping at Ol MacDonalds farm with not so great weather. Sent my children to Ontario for 2 weeks to see their grandfather and I spent 1 heavenly and HOT week in Houston with an old friend. Total rest and relaxation! Overall a very good summer.

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