Look of the week…kinda.

This week’s look is not 100% accurate. I mean….I LOVE this look, but didn’t really research it because it’s not me. I would never be able to pull this off out on the farm. But I still WISH I could…..and that counts for something right?!





6 responses to “Look of the week…kinda.”

  1. Actually, there is a way to Alberta-ize this look. I just came back from London UK on Sunday and these long cardigans paired with ruffles or flowing tops over skinny jeans and booties (ranging from high-heeled little lace up, cowboy-inspired, booties to flat 80s-ish madonna booties) were all over the streets there. They were even tossing short denim jackets over the tops/cardigans as it was definitely fall there last week. I think this would fit in just fine on the farm or in town!

    1. Sounds fantastic! Great ideas Judy, thanks for sharing…maybe I will be investing in a cardigan dress….

  2. Oh, I am sure Troy would love to see you in these working 🙂

    1. LOL…can’t you just see me out forking hay…

  3. I WISH I could too!!! Love it.

    1. Maybe someday…when our kids don’t need diapers and bottles and we head into town…ya right! 🙂

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