New music…

Remember this song?

Back when it first came out, Garth Brooks received a bunch of flak over it. It wasn’t country enough, he shouldn’t have put it out…blah, blah, blah. Pretty sure his career suffered for it. (Not really.)

Recently Sugarland launched this song….

And they are receiving their share of haters….

What do you think?

I personally love it….change is fun!


10 responses to “New music…”

  1. I love this song. I think it is typical Sugarland to mix everything up! The song she did with Bon Jovi wasn’t very country, but its a great song and is still playing on the radio.

    1. They are kinda along the lines of Dixie Chicks…very out-there and willing to take risks…LOVE IT!

  2. I LOVE this song – I’m addicted to it right now! I don’t really care what genre they want to call it – it’s fun:)

    1. Hello my darling!!! I agree, this song is fabulous!! I need to download it to my ipod soon…don’t hear it enough on the radio!

  3. Also love the Jamaican accent! Hilarious video.

    Thanks for the inspiration for a Copper West post!

  4. Love love love this song!!!!! What’s more country than a song about love? Hehe-Perhaps people are not happy about the video (certainly gives the song a different twist- I think it’s fun!) It’s a great song that gets you moving!

  5. I love it – though I’m not a hard-core country girl. I like all kinds of music and I love it when artists switch it up and combine genres.

    1. My favorite is her Jamaican accent that comes out of nowhere…. 🙂

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