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The Farmer’s Trophy Wife on Tv?!

A few weeks ago, I got to be interviewed and filmed by some fantastic guys from Primetime Alberta. It was a full, fun day and I loved every minute of it!

Ok, maybe not the 1/2 hour before they showed up…that’s when the nerves kicked in, but once they got here, I relaxed and had a blast.

And here we are, it’s going to be on tv tonight on the Access Channel at 7 and 11 p.m. (MT).

I may or may not watch.


10 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Trophy Wife on Tv?!

  1. Thanks for posting the link. It was a great little piece and you don’t appear nervous at all. I like that you are “bucking” the trend of the traditional farmer’s wife. That said, I also love that you do things such as pickle carrots. I buy my canning at the farmer’s market in Calgary and put my own label on them. Woila! Canning is complete and I have time to do things such as read your blog.

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