Pickling carrots…

I am about to start an adventure that I have never attempted before. Pickling carrots.

I have tried cucumbers before…not a fan of the result. Too much pickling spice, no dill. This time I am armed with a recipe from the internet (meaning someone else’s!) and my pure talent (ha!).

Wish me luck!

And any tips would be greatly appreciated!! (Kelli & Tony this means you…..PLEASE let me have that recipe!!)

Oh, and if it works, I’ll put up the recipe…if it doesn’t, we will never mention this again, ok?!


10 thoughts on “Pickling carrots…

  1. Mmmmm!!!! Brent and I LOVE pickled carrots! We buy them at the farmers market all the time 🙂 good luck cat!

  2. I haven’t made any since we moved. But I’m pretty sure we used Gramma Scheibner’s recipe! Give her a call.

  3. I think you are too funny…they will be awesome-I’m sure!! If you are doing a big, fat batch…wash em in your washing machine. I know this sounds crazy, but just put it on the rinse cycle and it will get all the dirt off—-and get fresh, garden carrots—-don’t use grocery store ones. Go to the hutterites. You are great–you make me grin–I love visiting your blog! 🙂

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