The Farm

Over our house last night…

This was our view to the north last evening…my husband called me from the tractor (he was out raking).


It went east over the farm and didn’t hit us.

Sure looks like there was hail or something in that! Hopefully not too much damage….


8 thoughts on “Over our house last night…

  1. Wasn’t that insane? There was walnut sized hail over by Acme, but we didn’t have anything-so that’s lucky….and good thing everyone is safe & sound, eh?

  2. That lovely storm cell started west of Sundre. We got hail again, for the fourth time this summer! Good thing Dean got his hay baled up before it got rained on again. luv your blog Cat

    1. Hail four times?! Darn it. So far (fingers crossed) we haven’t had any. But we usually get hailed out 1st week of August. So it’s coming. We are still working on the hay. Not drying very fast this summer. Good to hear from you!!

  3. We saw these clouds too – scary stuff the late news last night said they could spawn tornadoes or large twisters if it touched down – hopefully it did not, not only for the safety of people, but it is so nice to have good crops this year 🙂

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