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Tasha Polizzi

A while back one of my favorite blogs (Cactus Creek Daily) did an interview with Tasha Polizzi. I had heard of and seen her stuff around before, at Crow’s Nest Trading and in the Pendleton catalog

I had always liked her stuff….

Now, I LOVE!

Tasha Polizzi




These are only the tip of the iceberg….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these clothes, and the colors and styling…I could go on forever. But I won’t, go check it out, you won’t be sorry!!


4 thoughts on “Tasha Polizzi

  1. I used to buy Tasha’s line for a store and enjoyed the CCD article on her – she is very talented and I love the way she puts things together – also love her home collection! She looks like a model and has the most fabulous personal collection of Native American jewelry & belts…..

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