Small town parade…

This past Saturday was our local town’s “Sport’s Day”…basically our version of a county fair. And nothing is complete without a parade!! My darling husband was SO looking forward to taking  “The Big Boys” and wagon in it.

….it’s something that has been on his bucket list forever

 Nothing like a small town parade to make you smile!


8 responses to “Small town parade…”

  1. Your horses are gorgeous! So fun! I love the herd of kids on bicycles at lil parades..

    1. I agree…bikes all decked out and the kids are so proud!

  2. Beautiful draft horses:) Gentle Giants.

    1. Yes, our boys are bomb-proof…we love them!

  3. hey,
    I loved seeing you guys at the parade… Does Troy give wagon rides or sled rides??? If we get enough snow this year will this be something that we can look forward too…

    1. Hi! Yes, we are hoping to have a few sleigh and sledding parties this winter! We’ll let you know!

  4. I love small town parades too. The vintage cars,the sound of horses hooves on the cement,pipe bags,and sirens.Its all great.
    P.S.Great article on your blog in the Camrose,AB paper!!

    1. My favorite is the candy…I mean, the horses…Thanks, the Camrose article was fun to do!

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