In the past I’ve written about wardrobe basics and what purses are vital to own….and yes, I believe purses are necessary for life…just like air and food! So today I’m gonna talk about accessories!!!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?!!?

Since this is a topic that I could talk about FOREVER….I’ll take it easy on you and break it down into a few posts….

The first thing is the WHY…

To me, accessories are what adds my personality to my clothes. A white tee is just a white tee…

until you add your favorite necklace, and then…magic!!!

And really, who doesn’t like a little magic in their lives?!

Accessories are there to add the flash and fun to our clothes, so make sure you try new things….if you adore those HUGE chandelier earrings that brush your shoulders, go for it. Life is too short, don’t be afraid of making “mistakes”, if you love it that’s all that matters. And if you have pieces  that you are saving for a special occasion…wear them today! Everyday is special, so why have something you treasure hidden away in your room? Bring it out and show it off! My mom gave me this advice after a dear friend of hers passed away. Mom had some diamond earrings that Dad had given her years ago that were sitting in her dresser waiting for the right occasion. The day of the funeral my Mom put those earrings in and has worn them everyday since. Sure, they might be a little flashy for mowing the lawn, but they make her smile and remind her of her dear friend and my dad. I can’t think of a better reason than that to fall in love with accessories. They make you happy and show the world who you are….I think my personal accessories scream flashy, fabulous and fun…

What do yours say? Or better yet…what do you want them to say?!


2 responses to “Accessories…”

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this post…I needed these encouraging words this morning! I knew you are talking about accessories, but you know it applies to life too! Life is TOO short not to make mistakes, learn from them and relish in them!

    Have a fab day!

    Wrenn Bird Photography

    1. You are SO right! Living everyday the best way you can will equal in a great life! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting…it means a lot!

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