My weekend project…

Ok, so it didn’t take me the whole weekend to do this…actually, it took about an hour. A fabulous, fun and informative hour. I found jewelery I forgot I even had! And that is the whole point of this…wear what I already own.

Although this will make it harder for me to convince my husband I need another turquoise necklace or new earrings….hmmm…

All I used was a $30 picture frame from Ikea, $8 piece of burlap fabric and hammer and nails that already were taking up space in our junk drawer(s)! Oh, and one hour of my time….

I just took out the frame’s glass front, covered the back board with the burlap and put the board back into the frame. Hung it on the wall and added the nails for all my lovely necklaces and such….easy!!


It’s a piece of (cheap) art and I will never have to dig for a necklace or bracelet again!!


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