Theme Song…

Ever wish your entrance into a room had a theme song?!

This would be mine…

*give it a few seconds to get to the song…not a huge fan of the intro…*


5 responses to “Theme Song…”

  1. Ahah, we were meant to be friends! This is my theme song. It started with my friends calling or texting me whenever they heard it. I guess it rememinded them of me 😉

    1. That’s fantastic…iisn’t it a great feeling when someone says…”This is so you!”…it makes my day when that happens!

  2. Hee hee, thanks ladies! We all need a song that makes us smile and want to dance around like fools…what’s yours?!

  3. This ROCKS!! Thanks for the Tuesday morning boost 😉

  4. I can *so* see you walking into the room like her too!
    This made me smile this morning…also dance a little…

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