Summer wardrobe…

Hand-Crocheted Dress - Blue Label -

Summer has arrived and with it, the 30+ degree temps and the need for a cool wardrobe!! This makes me happy, 1- because I love the heat and 2- because it’s time to reassess my wardrobe for summer.

A new wardrobe season is a great time to look at your clothes and really evaluate them. Do they still fit? Are they still in style? What do you love and what did you wear only once last season?

My closet is as pared down as it gets. I feel no regrets or hesitations about giving clothes away to charity that I don’t wear. If it didn’t make it out of my closet last season more than once, chances are pretty good, it won’t again this year.

My method of assessing my wardrobe is fairly simple. First I dig all my summer clothes out from storage and as I pull it from the bins, sort it into piles, Love, Hate or Maybe. This is helpful right off the bat as the “hate” pile is immediately put into the donation bags, I don’t even bother trying them on. Then the “maybe” pile is attacked, does it fit and is it still in style. Having babies has made this entertaining, as I have been a range of sizes over the last 3 summers. Not pregnant, just post-baby and pregnant, makes for an interesting assortment of clothes!! And then I approach the “like” pile, if it fits and I think it will work, it’s put in the closet and added to the list. The list is my attempt at organizing my life. I make note of everything I have that will work this summer and use it when determining what I still need.

What comes next is my favourite part! I have a notebook that is full of clothing and style ideas, I’ve written about it before…it’s FABULOUS!!! As I browse through my notebook, I make a list of what I need to pull these looks together.  I might already have the white tee and statement necklace, all I need is a pair of cute safari inspired shorts and I’ve got my look!


9 responses to “Summer wardrobe…”

  1. I do believe in a systematic approach. It can save money (or so I tell Wonderful Husband).

    1. Ha! It’s all about how you explain yourself isn’t it!? “Dear, I’ve had these shoes forever!” “What are you talking about? I don’t have a necklace exactly like this…that one has darker red beads than this…” 🙂

  2. This is fantastic!!! It’s a good nudge for me to dig into my closet. Thanks!

    1. You are so welcome and make it fun, great music, a drink….no kids!! Fashion is all about fun!

  3. Wardrobe inspiration……

    We found your entry interesting so have added a Trackback to it on the Inner West Live weblog :)…

  4. This is such a helpful idea for evaluating my over-stuffed closet. Thanks!

    1. Anytime!! And remember, if you ever need help restocking… 🙂

  5. *LOVE* this post Cathryn!
    I believe everyone needs to evaluate their wardrobe a lot more than they do (myself included)…doing it seasonally is a great way to keep up…and of course, if you’re doing the good deed of donating your “hate” pile, you need to be rewarded with at least one new purchase!

    1. Thanks and anytime you want to purge and replenish your wardrobe, I’m in!!

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