The finale….antlers….

Hope you loved these designs as much as my husband did 🙂

(In case you missed them) ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &  Thursday





 Sheds under glass!? Seriously, I am glad there is the internet, I need all the help I can get!

I would never have come up with these ideas!




Hope you had fun, I know I did! And wow are there a lot of great ideas out there!!


(today I am linked to this great site!)

7 responses to “The finale….antlers….”

  1. So I had just about finished my Pinterest board re antler/racks when I came across your amazing series. Great minds think alike and you found some TREASURES I completely repinned. Great choices, sistah!

  2. Oh ya and where did you get those old school crates for under your bench?

    1. I just picked them up at different antique stores…average price was $15. “Where on Earth did you get that” in Airdrie has a bunch, or they did last time I was there! Thanks for reading!!

  3. Hello! Some how stumbled upon your site, It’s fantastic!
    I love antlers and already have a few in our house. Waiting for the one from last fall to be finished and picked up. Will need a place to put it. Great ideas 🙂
    P.s. Love your entry way. such great ideas.

    1. Hi and thanks! There can never be too many ways to use antlers….at least that’s what my hubby tries to tell me!! 🙂

  4. I love the vase with them showcased! SO creative. Fantastic series this week Cathryn – even for the non-hunter wife 😉

    1. Thanks! It was fun and something different!

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