Antlers #4

 Sick of me/this yet?!

Ok, so this one has a head…I just think it’s hilarious with the poplar/aspen wallpaper!


And yes, this is a painting, but I am liking the shed on the table…



Scottish Antlers in the Treasure Trove

 Is this not the neatest idea for a shed? I never would have thought of this…




4 responses to “Antlers #4”

  1. We have three sets of antlers in the back hall all in a row where we hang our hats and scarves, spurs, gloves, sunglasses, whatever else we can get to hang. Pretty handy deals those antlers.

    1. I agree! And I better find use for them because every fall more seem to be added to the house….

  2. I liked Crystal’s comment yesterday about not being “into” antlers yet. I was giggling though – because I wouldn’t think twice about a cow skull or anything cattle related up. To each it’s own & really about who we marry & what new hobbies are introduced to our homes. I’ve learned more about wildlife this week – ex. Sheds!

    1. I agree…my favorite thing to do is go looking for sheds. We go check cows and then spend the afternoon wandering the hills and trees with our eyes on the ground. It’s a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy the summer!

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