Decorating with antlers…

Since I am married to a man who LOVES to hunt and every year he manages to fill his tags, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be decorating my house with antlers. Lots and lots of antlers! So I searched my favorite decorating blogs and WOW! Apparently antlers are or were a huge trend! I’m not sure if they are still “in vogue” or not, but since we like them, here are a bunch of great decorating ideas!



*I wonder if the designer is aware that the antlers above are upside down…

I do really like the idea of silver leafing them though!! :)*


 I LOVE this bathroom…..girly with the sheer, pooled curtains but masculine at the same time.

I am totally using this lantern/candle idea for Christmas….such a neat idea!

I found so many ideas that I will be posting more all week….hope you love antlers as much as my husband does!


13 responses to “Decorating with antlers…”

  1. I love this! We have loads of them as well. Any ideas for centerpieces?

    1. Hmmm…I’ve posted a few over the years, you might have to dig through the archives…and I’ll keep an eye out for some new ideas!!

  2. Well, I love antlers. Wouldn’t mind if I had more. I’m mounting a pair right now for hubby and hope he likes how they turn out. They have been put away for over 39 years but until now our house was so small it overpowered it. I’m having lots of fun. I appreciate your posts. Thank you.

    1. Thanks and I KNOW he will love them…they are a nice touch to a country home!!

    2. Connie, can you tell me how you mounted yours? I have a bunch of my husband’s with a bit of skull (and hair) attached, and I want to mount them to individual plaques. Do I remove the hair, do any boiling/bleaching, etc? The only thing I can find locally (South Dakota) is some people who will mount them on cheesy felt covered plaques for me!

      1. my husband does ours, I would google it!!

  3. OMG!! this is so wonderful, my boyfriend goes back his home town White Pigeon, Michigan and hunts every November, he has a bunch of antlers storaged in our basement, I am so ready for do some serious decoration with them. Thanks so much for pictures, they are so helpful.

    1. Have fun!!!! And “you’re welcome” to your boyfriend! 😉

  4. I LOVE the bathroom – however I don’t prefer wildlife antlers in my house either. I’ll stick with longhorns only…for now 😉 Look forward to seeing what else you discovered Cathryn!

  5. OH gosh,

    I’m afraid I don’t looooooove this post. Only for the fact if my husband ever found the computer sitting open to your blog, he would think I was entertaining the thought of actually allowing the creatures into our main living area. When we got married…….we had issues of this exact nature that I thought we’d possibly need counseling over (j/k)

    He thought that a muley would look good in the kitchen-I did not. He thought we needed badger rugs in the living room-I did not. When the babe was born-he wanted to hunt a bear to put the rug in her room- AHEM……I didn’t loooooooove the idea! I like to hunt too, heck our first mortgage payment was made with coyote that we both shot when we were dating…….but the fact of the matter is-I don’t want any mounts in my living room!!!!

    Maybe someday we will have a beautiful, rustic room in the basement, decorated in cabin decor and he can have his mounts in there…..


    1. Opps!! Sorry!! Maybe you should secretly read all my posts this week…’cause they are all about antlers!! I’m not hot about the heads either…we don’t have any because I can’t stand the eyes…antlers yes, eyes no!

  6. We also have a TON of antlers for the same reason as you. Keep the great ideas coming. Our antlers are currently banished to our garage:)

    1. Ha! So are ours!! Our poor husbands…do all that work and look at the appreciation we give… 😉

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