I ama probably the LAST person to know about this site, but I read about it in Real Simple magazine and had to check it out.

Their line was “Come on, you’ve googled yourself right? Then try this…” 

So I did…

I just typed in my name and it came up with 6 photos, 5 people, 3 news, 1 blog, 5 websites and 1 document!

Scary or interesting I haven’t decided yet…but nice to know what is out there about me!

Give it a try! At


4 responses to “Interesting…”

  1. I have a Google alerts set on myself. It notifies me whenever something with Crystal Young shows up. Most of the time it’s not me.

    1. Good idea…how do I do that?

  2. Thanks for sharing… Didn’t know about it! Searched myself and found some interesting things. Thanks!

    1. I still haven’t decided if this is scary or not….

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