I should have sold tickets…

The other night I attempted to learn to use our new lawn mower.

Ok, that’s a  lie…

We have had the lawnmower for over a year…and I have managed to avoid using it till last evening, and for good reason.

This lawnmower is not the usual push the gas and turn the wheel kind of set up. This big, scary machine has these two lever handle thingys that you apparently use to both turn the machine and to make it go forward, reverse and stop. Not my idea of fun. My sweet husband gave the standard 5 second farmer instructions…”You do this, this and this. Ok?! Bye!” and took off to go put some wayward cows back in where they belonged (it’s that time of year…the grass is looking greener on any side of the fence but theirs!).

And so I took off…literally…

I may or may not have pruned a few spruce trees in the process. Oh well, they were looking a little bottom heavy anyways! (?) I also found myself yelling at the machine a few times…”No I want to turn the OTHER WAY!!” “Not BACKWARDS…FORWARDS!” I think the yelling helped, at least I felt better.

By the time my darling husband returned an hour later, I managed to mow 1/12 of the yard. Not bad!  He caught me attempting to mow around a tree…he just about fell over laughing.
He stopped laughing when I showed him the spruce trees.


6 responses to “I should have sold tickets…”

  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Just an average day around here Robyn! I think I need my own reality show!!

  2. Ahhh, just think of how boring our lives would be if we lived in a city and had to use a push mower 😛 Blah, I don’t even want to think about it!

    1. Ha! I agree, although there are moments when I wouldn’t mind a postage sized yard…..like when I have to weed the garden!

  3. Ah the good old zero turn! My hubby wants to get one of these for me too, I figure that should be alright that way HE can do all the grass cutting.

    1. Don’t do it!! That machine is the devil! 🙂 Or, actually, yes….go for it and you’ll never have to mow another day in your life! Just take the advice my mom gave me eons ago…just break something the first time you are taught to use a piece of equipment…you will never be asked again! 😉

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