Look of the week ~ Dylan Lauren

This week’s look is Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Talk about luckiest woman alive….I would LOVE to have her wardrobe, home decor and money if I am being perfectly honest….

This blazer isn’t the exact color….but 1- I love it and 2- I couldn’t find one in that gorgeous teal….darn it!


And this white satin shirt is apparently NO IRON!!! I now need this in my life.

And to get the sexy cuff look Dylan has going on, just undo the cuff’s buttons. So simple and so cute!


These lovely earrings are what I would do instead of the neck scarf.

I am not a scarf kind of girl and these earrings pretty much scream my name….can you hear it?!

To finish this look off, just add your favorite jeans, belt and buckle and a pair of these showstoppers…..


Have a great week!!


6 responses to “Look of the week ~ Dylan Lauren”

  1. I love the crisp white shirt and agree that jeans & cute boots would do the trick!

    1. I think jeans and boots go with EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

  2. I love the blazer and uncuffed white shirt look! I look forward to the “Look of the Week” every week, so much fun!

    1. Thanks! I love doing it…a great excuse to randomly beef up my wardrobe!!

  3. Love, love , love that blazer. Yes, I want to be her too.


    1. I know, that blazer is amazing!! If I ever find one, it’s mine!!

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