My front yard is gigantic….really…it take about 3 hours to mow…on a riding mower. And there are a lot of gorgeous flower beds that my husband’s Auntie put in and she has a very green thumb. So, now that we are living in the family farm-house it is my responsibility. Ack!

I have little to no skill in this area of life. And I am definitely a plant and forget about it kind of gardener…I mean I’ll weed and water, but to do more than that….tough luck flowers, you are on your own. But lack of talent or not, I have HUGE dreams and plans for our yard…all stashed away in my “some day” files!! And I’ve come to the conclusion that tackling just one large project per summer is a good way to go. It’s easier on the wallet that way, and with time I can plan and re-plan things that I want to do as we grow into our house and yard. Last year’s project was cedar chips for all flower beds (helps keep the weeds down and moisture in) and a rock-landscaped sand box for the kids.

This year I think I should put more flowers in. I noticed last year that all the flowerbeds were primarily purple.  So what colors go well with purple? And the other plan is that I am only spending money on perrieanals…I can’t stand to spend money on flowers to only have them come up once a year. So what do you all recommend?! Remember, I’m in Alberta…it tends to be dry and hot around here…help!!!

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  1. Denise Herkenhoff Avatar
    Denise Herkenhoff

    Just stumbled upon your website…love it! Can’t seem to stop scrolling! Love to re-decorate my home, but am most inspired by gardening. If there was a 12 step program for plant addicts I am sure I would qualify. I garden in Minnesota, not sure where you are…I love yellow and reds with purple. Plants that come to mind that thrive in hot and dry climates are…sedums, daylilies, candytuft, grasses are the best addition to any garden. I could go on and on about plants, gardening….Just use your imagination and have fun with it! Seek out other gardeners, we always have something to split and share!

    1. Hello Denise!! And thanks for the help, I’m up here in Alberta, Canada. And I am TERRIBLE at gardening!! I think that if I had more time I would like to learn more, but for now, plant and forget is my style!

      1. Denise Herkenhoff Avatar
        Denise Herkenhoff

        My girlfriend is a “plant and forget” it girl….sometimes I think her garden looks better than mine! I am out there all the time! maybe too much! Some gardens thrive on a little neglect…nature plants the best gardens if just let it be! Good luck!

  2. I don’t know if they work well up there but I love Tulips. Peonies are fantastic too.

    1. Thanks!! My tulips are actually coming up well this year…I should plant more this fall…and peonies…hmmmm…I’ll have to look for those! Thanks!

      1. Peonies make me smile 🙂 They were growing wild all around the farm the last couple of years so I’d go dig them out and transplant them into my pots (pots because I hadn’t made my perennial garden yet).

      2. Do you have any to divide?!! I would love you forever!!!

  3. Cathryn-
    you ABSOLUTELY NEED Lois Hole’s “Perennial Favorites”
    It’s THE NEED TO HAVE perennial book for alberta… it’s amazing!

    Her other books are good too! (I have 3). I’ve been mapping out my new perennial garden 🙂 (i built it while darren was harvesting last year). Also another garden to be made (I’ll be on my own with this one too- with the finger thing and seeding).

    I’ll add you to my list for another person I can swap perennial’s with…. speaking of that- that’s the cheapest way to go! Raid neighbours thriving gardens (with permission of course- not dressing all in black and sneaking around in the middle of the night).

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the ideas…although I do like that dressed in black and sneaking idea….fun!!

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