Our new boys…

So, I’m just a tiny bit excited about the newest members to our farm…I managed to post pictures on Facebook and Twitter within an hour of their arrival!! (I didn’t get my kids pictures up this fast!) We are the proud new owners of a team!!

Chester and Danny seem like pretty calm guys and I can’t wait to get to know them…and for the memories to start filing away in our kid’s minds. This is an adventure that my husband and I always talked about; am I a lucky girl or what?! Not many people get to cross things off their bucket list at age 30!!

Growing up, my best friend lived on a huge ranch where they spent just about every day on horses. I loved going there and doing everything from either horseback or with the team. They fed all their cattle with a team and wagon, and in the winter would take all (7!!) of us kids out for sleigh rides, pulling our sleds behind the wagon and out to the hills. There we would have bonfires and toboggan till we couldn’t see the top of the hill anymore. I LOVED those times and think about them often! One memory is that S., my friend’s dad, would never stop the wagon if you fell off your sled…we did a lot of running to catch up!! (Good exercise…could you imagine the kids now a days?!?! They would never make it!)

This world that my kids are growing up in is so different than the one I remember from my childhood, and it really wasn’t that long ago that I was a kid…it scares me how much kids are missing because they are walking around with those (stupid) earphones in listening to an ipod, or face buried in a video game as they sit in a restaurant eating dinner with their family. What kind of memories is this making for a kid?

“Remember the time we drove to the Grand Canyon?”

“Ummmm….was that when we watched Nemo 77 times in the car?”

What happened to campfires and playing kick the can in the dark? Or laying out in your sleeping bags on the trampoline and looking at the stars? Building forts in the bales and scaring the pants off your city cousins when the coyotes began to howl? Or skating for hours and hours on the dugout while your parents sat visiting around a bonfire? Camping in a coulee and hauling everything down there on your horse? Or Riding bareback everywhere all summer?  

Memories like those don’t just appear…you have to make them. How much time and effort my parents put into making sure that we got to go fishing or camping or riding…I’m only starting to realize now how much work that must have been, but at the time, I just got to have the time of my life.

This is the first step in making that happen for my kids…

I am so excited!!

13 responses to “Our new boys…”

  1. I am here from shabby nest, I love your new “team” and I am so jealous! Chester and Danny look awesome. Draft horses have long been a dream of mine. Enjoy! I am going to follow.

    1. Thanks and great to meet you!! We love them and enjoy every minute!

  2. How very exciting for your family to have such a “Team”…
    this vision has always been in the back of my mind or
    in the books I read.. “A Farm, and my own Horse and Wagon”!
    Congratulations and what a way to raise ‘Good Kids”!

    1. Thanks, we think so too and are looking forward to spending time out there with them!

  3. Congratulations on the newest members of your family!

    I bet you will have lots of adventures to share as you start to work them this summer.

    I have to content myself with the horses on the farm next door, but then I don’t have to muck them out either. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and yes, we are super excited to get playing with the big guys….just have to get done spraying, and seeding and fertilizing……..:)

  4. Cathryn, it was all that running behind the wagon that kept us warm and not complaining to go home in -20 weather!! 😉 That’s why he always did that! 🙂 Good times and good memories! Congrats on Chester and Danny! Liam and I will be coming over for rides very soon!

    1. Sounds good!! The sooner the better!!

  5. Wow-that is so exciting! I loved going for sleigh rides as a little girl in the winter…I think all children do! What a great thing for your kids to talk about when they are grown.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…


    1. Hi Cheyenne, welcome to blogworld and thanks to you too for stopping by!!

  6. AWESOME!!! When can I move in? We’re so excited here, Levi is finally old enough for 4-H! So both kids will be in a light horse program this fall!!

    I’m very happy for y’all!!

    : )

    1. Hi Kelli! 4H will be so much fun this fall!! Anytime you are in this direction…stop in!!!

  7. Congrats!! I’m SO excited for your family and would like to put my name on a Hay Ride List. He he…I can also visualize you going in parades too! That’s so cool to cross this off your Bucket List. I have a similar one on my list – to have a Heavy Horse team with carriage/wagon by the time I’m 30!! Thanks for the inspiration – have a blast!

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