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Happy Earth Day!!!!!

This is an email that my littlest sister wrote and sent out today….

I thought it was so great that I want to share it with all of you in honor of Earth Day!

p.s. this is my sister and her NEW husband!!!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!
This year I wanted to focus on how we can change our perspective about
 being green and get you thinking about how you can live a more
 sustainable lifestyle.
What does being “green” mean exactly?
 It means reducing your negative impact on the planet; living with
 nature instead of trying to subdue it, and choosing products for
 positive impact on home, health and environment.
Going green is a process.
 It doesn’t happen overnight.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you
 have to do everything at once.  And don’t get overwhelmed or feel
 guilty.  Just start…somewhere…do something.  Any little effort
 that you can make to living a more sustainable lifestyle is a step in
 the right direction!
Be mindful.
 In all you do, in every step you take.  The ideal mental state is one
 of balance – being careful and thoughtful in all things.  HOW YOU WALK
Walk Softly.
 The old myth of unlimited growth alienates human beings from nature.
 To live sustainably we must respect nature and live by its rules.  We
 must walk softly, leaving as small a footprint as possible.
“Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread
 within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things
 are bound together.  All things connect.”
 ~ Chief Seattle, 1855
Get close to nature.
 Camp out, hike, canoe, grow a garden, learn from naturalists.
 Understand how the natural world works.  It provides the perfect
Think before you buy.
 Is it well made?  Is it recyclable?  Will it hold its value?  Do you
 love it?  Can you do without it?  By reducing how much you consume,
 you will reduce how much you emit.
 Make this your shopping motto:
 Buy green, buy fair, buy local, buy used and most importantly, buy
Going green is not a trend!  It’s a lifestyle change that will take
 time and some getting used to but it’s the little things that will
 make a big difference in your impact on the planet and environment.
 Commit to one simple act like buying locally or using re-usable
 grocery bags.  Think about all the things you do during a normal day
 that could be modified slightly to reduce your footprint.  For
 example, instead of using the drive-thru and getting your morning
 coffee in a paper cup take a few extra minutes and walk into your
 local Timmies and use a go-cup!  These small acts will add up and
 really make a difference and before long it will become just a regular
 part of your daily routine.  
Remember that nobody’s perfect and there are going to be some things
 that you can’t “green” in your life.  Take me for example.  I have a
 45 minute commute everyday to and from work but I drive a fuel
 efficient vehicle and make more of an effort to green other aspects of
 my life such as recycling and cleaning with environmentally friendly
 products.  The most important thing is that you are trying to live a
 healthier, greener life and that you are conscious of your impact on
 the environment and others around you.
Have a great day everyone!

 Camille P.
 BCE Environmental Advisor

* some content by Linda Mason Hunter 2009

3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!!!!!

  1. Great Post Cathryn, thanks for sharing that.
    PS BEE-U-TEE-FUL picture! I love all her wedding pics!

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