Look of the week ~ Jessica in Red!

In honor of Jessica Simpson taking a stand and being published (on a cover no less) make-up free and au-natural….I thought I’d do this week’s look of her (yes, again…what can I say, she’s my favorite)….


And this week, I’m going to attempt to do fashion on a budget…

….and based on the results of my new year resolutions, budget is not a word I use often, so this could be interesting!!!

Sunglasses for $9.50



Earrings for $8.98




Bangles for $32.00



Bracelets for $19.50
Necklace for $19.00
Rosary Necklace for $18.00
Wrap Dress for $65.00

And yes, I am aware the dress is in blue….just check the site, it’s available in red there…..

As for the shoes….we all have our favorite pair of black heels…so dust those bad boys off and have fun!!

2 responses to “Look of the week ~ Jessica in Red!”

  1. Wow you are so good at this! You have found all the perfect pieces, and definitely on a budget this time! Good work.


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