New Year Resolution Update…

Ok, so my goal was to update my resolutions the beginning of every month…..

Since THAT didn’t happen, better late than never?!

1-Running….I’m still at it and can run almost 3km now….so pysched!! And I’m keeping at it because……ahhhhhh….I signed up for a 5K!!! May 22nd, my friend W. and I are running!!!!! I actually signed up for a 5K and may or may not have whimpered as I registered…I’ll keep you updated!

2-Climbing a mountain…still waiting on the weather for this one…

3-Driving standard…crap…forgot about this one…ok, I’m going to tackle this one before the week is out.

4-McDonald’s…ok, I caved one day and immediately regretted it. It’ll be easier to keep now, their food doesn’t taste like food. Gross!

5-Saving $$…still doing good here, I love automatic withdrawal. The first of the month the money moves into the savings account and I have another account that I move money into on my own. Not only am I saving money, but this has opened up the world of online banking to me. Honesty, before now, I had never bothered. Now I love it, AND am saving the world one less paper statement at a time!

6-Budget…….yah, this one died a slow, painful death…maybe next year.

7-Invite people over for dinner……well, if I could stop setting off the darn smoke alarm, I might be more inclined to have company over…my cooking is a work in progress.

One response to “New Year Resolution Update…”

  1. Keep up the good work. Those budgets are painful aren’t they!

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