Snowy Days….

On blustery, wintery, wind-howling days like this…….

…wouldn’t these be fabulous?!

This chair makes me want to read a book…

Manhattan Leather Club Chair

I just want to climb in this bed,

pull the covers over my head and have a nap…

…a beautiful, long, undisturbed nap….

Or this bed……mmmmm…snuggly…

 Now this makes me want a hot bath and a good book…..

Freestanding Tub

And this bedroom….huge crackling fire….and a long nap….


Are you noticing that I may have mentioned the word nap a few times?!?!

I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning…..I’m sleepy.

2 responses to “Snowy Days….”

  1. Love this post!! You’ve been up way too long this morning. Were your kids up? Trust you get your nap! I’m still laying in bed 😉 our power just came back on!

    1. Good morning and belated happy birthday!! Nope it wasn’t the kids….I was supposed to take Grandparents to airport, but too much snow. They took a cab and hopefully made it! Power has been on here…dodged that bullet!

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